Expire / Inspire

Beloved friends, 

For some, its just a numerical shift, a socially agreed-upon idea we call 

calendar year

, based on an abstract concept we call 


For others, its an individual /  collective rite of passage - an opportunity to let the old   

e x p i r e   

and the new   

i n s p i r e   


For me it is both. 

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in 2014, it is that my body knows what’s true.  When my heart opens, breath enters, eyes soften, separation goes, awe comes, noise fades, silence, forgiveness so easy, acceptance easier, everything softens, kindness is method, creativity pours, wisdom solid, humor hilarious ... Reality is less solid less serious everything is easy and expansive when the mind is settled, body is open and the heart is happy. 


2014 marks the year I committed to my life’s process + purpose - meaning I became interested in my mind and my purpose in the world.  I launched 

Neural Beings

 - my unique expression in the world, and since then, have been committed to showing up to this delicate process every single day.  

I have become my work - my work is inseparable from me - it is an extension of my life and a reflection of my mind. 

With most of you, I have shared some profound moments this year.  We have experienced deep insights into the nature of our minds, our lives, and our common humanity.  We 

all want to be happy 

- and 

do not want to suffer.

For these life changing insights, I thank you - you are my teachers and my commitment for 2015 is crystal clear : 

To be increasingly empty of self  +  available to life. 

For those who will be working with me in 2015, prepare for a joyful endeavor .

For those who will be in my world - please stay close !

Happy New Year,


Anahita MoghaddamComment