Everything is always available.

At least in Buddhist psychology / philosophy, it is believed that no-thing has any fixed nature from its own side, and therefore every-thing is essentially pure potential. Things appear to us, rather than having intrinsic nature of their own. Our perception makes our reality.

So, if we change our perception of things: the world, ourselves, life, people, reality... then we will inevitably change the nature of what we are perceiving and consequently change our experience of life.

I find this extremely liberating. But its also very easy to forget and fall back into the habit of misperceiving things as having a fixed nature from their own side. In this lower version of the life game, we become victim to the external realities, and life just "happens" to us.

Instead, we can apply our logic to what we perceive as fixed, and with gentle mindfulness and analytical practice, dismantle our concepts and with it, transform our perception + belief systems. We may begin to learn that we make reality happen.

This, I find, is extremely empowering, creative and oh so blissful.