SEE Learning Curriculum Launch, Delhi / 4 April

Intellect and fast problem solving qualities don’t make us intelligent, in my view. Being “smart” can make us rich and successful according to ordinary standards, but it doesn’t make us happy and fulfilled, and when we are unhappy and disconnected, we naturally create problems. We race towards more complex innovations and exponential technologies, seeking to become a space-age species, when in reality, most of us are unable to achieve a moment of mental peace and genuine contentment. Intelligence is much more well-rounded than what our incomplete, left-centric paradigm suggests. Along with math, sports and literature, imagine teaching children the skills to navigate life as integrated human beings, with the ability to self-regulate towards happiness and enjoy deep interpersonal connections, dedicating themselves to meaningful work that not only serves themselves but also others and the world at large. Imagine children growing up to understand the power of their minds, equipped with tools to see through the myriad illusions and the happiness myths that our modern culture fabricates, understanding the true causes for achieving sustainable happiness, and with that as a basis, cultivating purposeful lives. To date, our materialistic values have prioritized the education of thought and knowledge, pushing children and young adults along the trajectory of worldly “success”, yet the statistics for depression, stress, anxiety and loneliness have never been higher - not to mention the impact that our fragmented worldview and self-centered behavior has on the environment. 

In the words of HH Dalai Lama, it’s time for a deeper approach. An education of the heart, which teaches future generations skills such as collaboration, kindness, mindfulness, compassion and ethics. These skills are needed urgently. They are no longer luxuries for the fringe societies and hippies of the world to play with. These values and skills are needed for the survival of our planet. 

Today, the first curriculum for Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning is being launched here in Delhi, for schools worldwide to adopt. 

Since our nature is pure potential and we all want to be happy, it is common sense to reclaim intelligence.

Anahita MoghaddamComment