To let go

All of our efforts to achieve some sense of stability, safety, predictability...all of it is in vain. All of our climbing to reach a perceived pinnacle, that ultimate sense of having made it, is in vain. The very fabric of reality is unpredictability, change, flux. There is no pinnacle "out there" because all there is, is "this here now." Only the perception of being home now will result in a future experience of being home. We seek to maintain control over processes that we will never be able to control! The universe laughs at us! We are so terrified to acknowledge our powerlessness in the face of change. Everything is always changing, yet we believe we can organize, control, achieve some kind of static state of perfect eternal equilibrium. The equilibrium lies in the chaos, in the unpredictability. We believe we are immortal, that we have all the time we want. Yet you and I may die tomorrow. We may lose our health, our loved ones, everything we have built with our hard work to date.

So let's not close our eyes and cower in our shelters, pretending we don't know what's going on. We must learn to dance in the midst of chaos, thrive in the midst of unpredictability. We must learn to forgive our fearful inner children, awaken from our evolutionary hangover. Living in perpetual fear of death. The highest art is letting go. Letting go of clenching our fists. Letting go of striving to become something else. Letting go of the view that out there in the bright future's horizon, awaits that final moment of redemption. That moment will never come my friend. To let go is to be fearless. To Tango with death. Acknowledgement of our true condition; that of constant vulnerability. If we let go, that which is natural and innate may finally arise. The equilibrium we seek can finally reveal itself. That ultimate embrace, the final sigh of relief, release, homecoming, peace, all this and more, will finally be known.