the discipline of happiness

Once committed to the journey of self-directed happiness, we begin our work on three levels of relating: intrapersonal, interpersonal and global. 

Intrapersonal is about your relationship with yourself, and your capacity for self-attunement. Together we will develop practices that help you relate to your inner experiences, as they arise, with more awareness and self-compassion. We will challenge your habitual patterns of belief and disrupt the perpetual cycles of dissatisfaction with the help of critical inquiry methods and transformational mind-training practices. 

Interpersonal is about your relationship with others, and your ability to navigate the complex terrain of others' minds and actions with skill and empathy. Our interpersonal relationships can be the source of great joy and deep fulfillment, but before we can extend our resources to others in a sustainable way, we must establish them within ourselves. 

Global is about your relationship with the world, and your role within its ever-increasing complexity. Together we will explore ways in which you can navigate the demands of modern life and the cultural pressures towards self-sufficiency with ease and a clear sense of purpose. At a global level, we are interested in dedicating our lives to something greater than ourselves in ways that will benefit those beyond our personal sphere. 



  • Integrate mindfulness to reduce stress responses and regulate emotions
  • Identify and transform negative mental and behavioral habits
  • Develop confidence in your own capacity for self-mastery


  • Relate to your own suffering with deep care and self-attunement
  • Understand the causes for suffering and gradually heal them


  • Gain control over your attention and sharpen focus
  • Develop inner space for quietude and contemplation
  • Strengthen brain regions associated with blissful flow states


  • Gradually reverse the negativity habit by internalizing positive experiences 
  • Develop gratitude as a state of mind
  • Balance being and doing to allow bi-lateral integration of brain hemispheres


  • Challenge and deconstruct fixed perceptions of self and world
  • Develop analytical tools to critically examine the true nature of mind and reality


  • Cultivate relationships on the basis of empathic awareness
  • Communicate authentically without compromising your truth
  • Develop awareness of intersubectivity


  • Develop an expanded sense of self which is inclusive, emergent and adaptive
  • Create the inner resources for living a life of vision and purpose that benefits the world beyond your personal sphere 



The coaching process begins with a proprietary questionnaire, designed to map your mind, life history and future vision. The process consists of a weekly hour-long session, accompanied by ongoing correspondence via email or text, homework assignments including academic and scientific reading materials, inspirational resources such as books, video, audio, as well as personalized guided meditation recordings on demand and event recommendations. 

Sessions are offered in New York or remotely.  

Minimum commitment of 1 month required.

Payment is made upfront on a retainer basis.