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NYC / Northside Festival: Engineering Tools for Spreading Happiness


Mo, is the former Chief Business Officer of Google X, and the author of Solve For Happy (translated into 28 languages). Mo’s mission was triggered after losing his son, Ali, due to a surgical error during a routine operation in 2014. In honor of Ali, Mo made it his life’s mission to share his engineering-model of happiness with the world.

His recent project,, is dedicated to spreading the message of happiness to a scientifically-minded, young, modern and global audience.

Both Mo and Anahita lead workshops around the world, speak at conferences, and bring their insights into organizations at the forefront of innovation, technology and finance.

Anahita's company, Neural Beings, is rooted in Buddhist psychology and modern science, and offers a contemplative perspective to the topic of happiness. Her workshops are based on the Four Noble Truths, explained through the lens of modern science. She has brought the teachings of the Four Noble Truths to Wall Street firms and technology conferences, leveraging Mo’s platform, which he generously shares with her. Anahita also serve as Chief Mindfulness and Ethical Officer at a New York-based technology and investment firm.

Individually, and as a couple, Mo and Anahita dedicate their lives to alleviating suffering and spreading the tools for happiness.