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Aix-en-Provence / Positive Innovation Retreat at The Camp


Positive Innovation" retreat at thecamp, discussing innovation for positive impact, scaling innovation globally on the model of innovation labs like Google, boosting innovation through happiness and shaping the future of work through the mindful organisation... A very rich and inspirational 2-day retreat with an amazing group coming from all over the world. Thank you Véronique Christmann, Carlien Cavens, Jef Cavens, Hassan Kadbi, Sandrine Boucher, Vincent Wermus, Isaac Garza, Anke Hampel, Caroline Vignollet, Maelle Beltas, Julie Benasra. Let's do it again! hashtag#positiveinnovation hashtag#positivebusiness hashtag#positiveorganization hashtag#happiness hashtag#mindfulness hashtag#futureofwork hashtag#PositiveSolutionsAgency