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London / Women, the Workplace and Happiness with Mo Gawdat & Anahita Moghaddam

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Our dominant workplace culture is one that prioritizes and rewards patriarchal values. Often women learn to adapt and over-compensate, at the expense of their happiness and wellbeing, or passively accept supporting roles, sacrificing fulfillment and the opportunity to truly excel. This vicious cycle, not only takes its toll on women, but also on the overall success of organisations and the world at large.

For the past seven years, Mo Gawdat (Chief Business Officer at Google [X]) has been on a mission to make 1 billion people happier. His book, Solve for Happy argues that if we shape expectations to acknowledge the full range of possible events, unhappiness is on its way to being defeated. Mo will be joined by Anahita Moghaddam, a NYC-based coach and organizational trainer whose methodology draws on Contemplative Science, and together they will explore the reality faced by women in the workplace today, offering personal insights and applicable tools from their individual fields of research, to gradually reverse the cycle of disconnect and unhappiness. What would define the experience of women in the workplace if values were not compromised, and self-knowledge and deep-self awareness became unwavering guiding principles?

Applying these principles to the specific challenges faced by women in the workplace is the focus on this compelling and instructive session.