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NYC / IAK Workshop: Willpower I The Science & Art of Mindful Leadership

Mindful Willpower is the practice of emotional self-mastery with the goal to positively reshape our response to our internal and external realities.

In this provocative training we uncover the fundamental difference between wanting something and willing it – and nurturing the causes and conditions that make it a powerful and deeply inspired state of being. The mastery allows us to tap into our mind’s unbound creative nature and helps us shift from powerlessness and dependency to self-directed ease and empowerment.

Forward-thinking organizations understand the positive impact self-regulated leaders and key employees have on corporate health and  human development. This state of self-directedness is often coined as a “high emotional IQ or EQ”. It is a key attribute that distinguishes successful leaders and communicators. They are more effective leading others, inspire excellence, optimize performance and promote a sense of ease and wellbeing even when under pressure. Conflict decreases and the innate capacity for creative thinking and working increases.